Title: iZEEKER Dash Cam for Cars Review - 2023

An in depth looking at the pros and cons of this almost necessary product...

6/10/20232 min read

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the iZEEKER Dash Cam for Cars! In this review, we'll discuss the pros and cons of this popular dash cam, providing you with valuable insights to make an informed purchasing decision. As avid users of the iZEEKER Dash Cam ourselves, we'll also share our personal experiences to give you a firsthand perspective.


High-Quality Video: The iZEEKER Dash Cam records high-definition video footage, capturing clear images during both day and night driving. This ensures that you have reliable evidence in case of accidents or disputes.

Wide-Angle Lens: Equipped with a wide-angle lens, this dash cam offers an extensive field of view, allowing you to capture a larger area of the road. This is especially useful for capturing peripheral incidents and providing a more comprehensive record.

Loop Recording: The loop recording feature automatically overwrites old footage when the storage is full, ensuring that the camera is always recording. You won't have to worry about manually deleting files or running out of storage space.

G-Sensor Technology: The built-in G-sensor detects sudden movements or impacts, triggering the dash cam to lock and save the current video file. This feature is particularly valuable in the event of an accident, as it prevents the footage from being overwritten.

Easy Installation: Installing the iZEEKER Dash Cam is a breeze. The package includes all the necessary accessories, and the user-friendly instructions make the setup process quick and hassle-free.


Limited Night Vision Range: While the iZEEKER Dash Cam performs reasonably well in low-light conditions, the night vision range may not be as extensive as some high-end models. Users may experience slightly reduced image quality in extremely dark environments.

Small Display Screen: The dash cam's display screen is relatively small, which can make it challenging to view footage or adjust settings while on the road. It is recommended to review the recorded videos on a larger screen for better clarity.

Average Build Quality: Some users have reported that the iZEEKER Dash Cam's build quality could be improved. While it functions effectively, the overall construction may feel slightly less robust compared to premium dash cam models.

Personal Experience:

As frequent drivers, we have been using the iZEEKER Dash Cam for several months and have found it to be a reliable companion on the road. The video quality is impressive during daylight hours, providing sharp and clear images. However, we did notice a slight drop in image quality in very low-light situations, such as driving through poorly lit areas at night.

The loop recording feature has been incredibly convenient, as it ensures continuous recording without the need to manually manage storage space. Additionally, the G-sensor technology has come in handy during a couple of incidents, automatically saving crucial footage that could have otherwise been overwritten.

While we appreciate the ease of installation, we must note that the display screen's size can be a drawback. It can be challenging to review footage or make adjustments on the small screen while driving. We recommend transferring the recorded videos to a larger screen for a better viewing experience.

Overall, the iZEEKER Dash Cam offers good value for its price point, providing essential features for capturing incidents on the road. However, it's worth considering the limitations in night vision range and the relatively smaller display screen size when making your purchase decision.

$39.99 at the time of this publishing