Command Large Picture Hanging Strips Review

Effortless and Secure Display Solution


6/9/20232 min read


Command Large Picture Hanging Strips offer a convenient and hassle-free way to hang pictures and other lightweight items without the need for nails or screws. As an affiliate marketer, it is essential to provide an objective review, highlighting both the pros and cons of this product. In this review, we will discuss the benefits of Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, along with a few potential drawbacks based on personal experience.


Ease of Use: One of the standout features of Command Large Picture Hanging Strips is their simplicity. The application process involves peeling off the backing, sticking the strips to the wall and the back of the frame, and pressing them firmly together. This user-friendly design makes it a breeze for anyone, regardless of their DIY skills, to hang pictures effortlessly.

Damage-Free Hanging: These hanging strips are specifically designed to be damage-free, which is a significant advantage for renters or individuals who frequently change their wall decorations. Unlike traditional hanging methods that leave behind holes or marks, Command Strips can be easily removed without damaging the wall surface or leaving any residue.

Secure Hold: Despite their adhesive nature, Command Large Picture Hanging Strips provide a surprisingly strong and secure hold. When properly applied according to the instructions, these strips can hold lightweight frames and artworks securely, giving users peace of mind that their precious items won't unexpectedly fall and get damaged.

Versatility: These hanging strips are versatile and can be used on various surfaces, including painted walls, tiles, metal, glass, and more. This versatility allows users to hang pictures in different rooms without worrying about compatibility issues.


Weight Limitations: While Command Large Picture Hanging Strips are excellent for lightweight items, they may not be suitable for heavier frames or objects. The weight limit for these strips varies, and it is essential to check the packaging or product description to ensure they can support the intended item. Exceeding the weight limit could result in the strips losing their grip and causing the picture to fall.

Limited Reusability: Although Command Strips are marketed as removable, their adhesive strength can diminish after removal. Reusing the same strip multiple times may result in a less secure hold or reduced adhesion, making it necessary to purchase new strips for each new hanging project.

Temperature and Humidity Sensitivity: Command Large Picture Hanging Strips can be affected by extreme temperatures and high humidity levels. In extremely hot or humid conditions, the adhesive may weaken, leading to potential detachment. It is important to consider these environmental factors before deciding to use these strips.

Personal Experience:

Having used Command Large Picture Hanging Strips for various photo frames and lightweight artworks in my own home, I found them to be a reliable and hassle-free solution. The ease of installation and damage-free removal were particularly impressive. However, I did encounter some limitations when attempting to hang heavier frames, as the strips struggled to support the weight effectively.

Overall, Command Large Picture Hanging Strips are an excellent choice for lightweight picture hanging needs. They offer convenience, versatility, and secure adhesion for a wide range of surfaces. However, it is essential to consider the weight limitations and potential issues with reusability and sensitivity to temperature and humidity.

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